best indie filmmaking cameras

Best Indie Filmmaking Cameras

There are so many types of cameras ready to be used in the market, it can be a little tricky to choose the ideal one, but like everything, there are some more fitting for certain types of filmmaking. In this case, independent films go in a different way, and like documentaries or short films, they have their own requests and needs. There’s no doubt that every amazing work demands the right tools, and there is nothing more essential to a director than the perfect camera. Today, I’m introducing you to two of the best cameras for indie filmmaking, in the market, capable of helping you achieve a beautifully crafted film. Let’s take a look into it.

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K

This digital camera is the real game-changer in the cinematographic universe. Introducing the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K, one of the most advanced cameras, with a 12K sensor super 35 [12288×6480], as well as 14 stops of dynamic range. In addition to the Blackmagic RAW, this machine is capable of making real magic, featuring incredible detail and focusing on color, making sure that the extreme resolution of this camera goes beyond every director’s dream.

Not only is it a device made to make any film a real masterpiece, but is also the ideal one for working with visual effects or recordings in green screens, including real action and live CGI. All in all, it’s capable of transforming any recording experience into something extremely realistic.

But it doesn’t stop there, as with the development of this camera’s RAW footage, you have the possibility of a complex and efficient editing after shooting, this way controlling every small detail until the final product, making sure it wraps up perfectly. And there’s more! Besides all these advantages already described, this device has a technology system to take the best of colors, for example, optimizing them in a more natural and realistic way, like lights or contrast points.

In addition to all the system perks, there are also some benefits to the equipment itself, as well. The Blackmagic URSA was made to be practical and portable without losing any work quality, which ends up being excellent for a small filming crew. Adding up to this, it also includes an alternative lens system, making it possible to change lenses according to what kind of shooting is happening. High compatibility with connection cables, control of the camera via Bluetooth, and many different camera supports are also some of its distinguishing characteristics. For special effects and fantasy stories, this device will be ideal to bring that to life. Without a doubt, a device capable of turning any shooting into a unique experience.

Sony PXW-FS5

Family of the famous FS7, this camera is compact, lightweight, and capable of real pieces of art, in super 35 4K. Given its super 35 Exmor ™ sensor of high prosecution with incredible factors, it offers every benefit of a larger camera. That’s why it’s capable of satisfying every request of its user, with intense colors and high sensibility for such a compact camera.

Speaking of its image quality, listen to this – slow camera images, like 120fps in 4K. Being developed around the super 35 4k sensor is what makes this device so exceptional, as it offers details and texture in 4k that other machines can’t reach. It also provides perfectly picture reading, at high speed, without losing any quality of the pixels and, besides that, with 14 stops of exposure latitude there is not a single detail you will miss in the final video. With no doubt, the ideal device for someone who wants HD quality content.

To avoid hurries when recording, the FS5 holds a double SD card slot. With the “relay” option, when a card is full, it will automatically change to the other card, yet, in the “SIMUL” alternative, it records directly in both cards (surely we’ve all been through those nightmares where a card is lost or damaged). In conclusion, the Sony PXW-FS5 brought a whole new way of indie filmmaking, full of advantages compared with other cameras available, so if you are looking to acquire a cheaper, yet extremely professional camera, this might be the real answer to your quest.

That’s a Wrap, Everyone!

With all the evolution in the digital world and the new discoveries in films, compared to 50 years ago, more and more of the filmmaking industry needs the perfect tools to be able to give the public what they want. Cinema production can be difficult, long, and very demanding, and even a movie lover sometimes doesn’t understand all the work that goes behind the scenes. All the special effects, the fantasy worlds, or our favorite superheroes, there’s just so much effort behind it, and having the right cameras are more than half the answer to that. Hope this article helped you and good luck with your filmmaking. Thank you for reading!

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